Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay in Springfield, IL

Every health recommendation we make for your pet is made with their well-being in mind. Just like you, we want only the best for them, and spaying/neutering plays a big part in keeping them healthy.

However, this is not the only reason we advocate spaying and neutering dogs and cats here in Springfield. Along with the potential health benefits, these surgeries also prevent animals from having unplanned pregnancies and contributing to the overpopulation of strays.

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Reducing Health Problems

Cat and dog neuter and spay surgery has been proven to help reduce or even prevent certain diseases from developing in both male and female pets.

This includes:

  • Ovarian cancer (females)
  • Mammary tumors (females)
  • Pyometra, an infection of the uterus (females)
  • Testicular cancer (males)
  • Enlarged prostate (males)

Additionally, spaying and neutering can also reduce certain behaviors associated with mating season. These include behaviors such as caterwauling (cats), roaming, aggression, and inappropriately mounting other animals or people (male dogs).

Vet with dog after neuter surgery

Saving Lives

Animal overpopulation is still a serious concern, especially in big cities. Cats are especially liable to produce a large number of offspring, many of which may never get adopted. Animal shelters are always overcrowded due to unchecked mating and unwanted litters. By spaying and neutering dogs and cats responsibly, you can help to decrease the stray animal population and allow more shelter pets to find the homes they deserve.

The Best Time to Spay or Neuter Dogs or Cats

At Myers Animal Clinic, we consider 5-6 months of age to be the ideal time for spaying and neutering dogs and cats. This gives them time to grow and develop but also prevents the female heat cycle and the messy “spotting” that accompanies it. The goal of spaying and neutering pets at this age is to prevent the potential for disease development later in life and to affect the rest of their growth as little as possible.

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